Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Days of Rotating...

And I'm doing it! I'm so happy - it's working out for me! I'm really hoping I can stick with it! Friday I got a late start, so I didn't get too much done on my Game Board Sampler, but I did finish up one house and a motif...

Game Board Sampler
The red house and red flower are the ones I completed.

Game Board Sampler as of 2/11/07
The whole thing!

Edited to add - I had a couple people ask about the fabric I'm using for the Game Board Sampler - It's 28 ct. Light Mocha Cashel.

Saturday I went up to MIL's house and went stitching at JoAnne Nantz's. So I took my Saturday Project with me - Shepherd's Bush My Earth and I got quite a bit of stitching done on it! :)


I used Cindy's lettering for the My Earth words, and I'm very happy with it! While I was at JoAnne's shop I picked up the new Country Cottage Needleworks design and some threads to stitch it...

Spring Violets

And the other day I stopped at Alex-Paras Needlearts to get some Needle Necessities in Very Berry (103) because I saw that Nancy was using it stitch her Quaker Samplings. I definitely want to do one in that color (sorry Nancy for being a copy cat!). I also got a few spools of Kreinik to stitch Petal Fairy and some magnets and a bag. :)


That shop is just amazing. It's mostly needlepoint (they have a tiny selection of cross stitch), but they have just about every thread imaginable. It's heaven just to walk in there. Well, not much else - today is Sunflower Bellpull, so we'll see how much I can get done on that! :) Write later!


  1. You are making great progress on all of your projects Nicole!

  2. The game board is looking lovely :) Great progress! And that Very Berry thread looks lovely - such a pretty colour :)

  3. It is fantastic that the rotation is working for you! Don't you feel so much more productive now?

  4. Hi Nicole, Your game board and 'my earth' are both looking gorgeous! I have the supplies for the gameboard, I just need to find the time to get the fabric on some rods and get it started. Glad to hear that the rotation is working for you, you look as though you are powering through the game board! :-) Thanks for the message you left on my blog, I appreciate it! Jackie x

  5. Lovely progress on your gameboard Nicole!

  6. Great progress! And your SB looks gorgeous :)

  7. Your Game Board sampler is moving along so quickly. Looks great.

  8. Your WIP's look great, Nicole. And congrats for starting a rotation system. It can be easy to let too many WIP's get out of control. This way you definitely get a sense of accomplishment with them.

  9. I'm glad your rotation is working for you! Mine is the screaming kind... whichever project screams the loudest! I need to find a better plan.


  10. You have some beautiful WIPs! And you have a great rotation plan I think also. I loved the picture of your little boy. Such a doll!

  11. So far a rotation is working for me too! I feel like I am actually seeing some good progress on my pieces (Carol was my inspiration too!). Your Gameboard and My Earth both look amazing. Great progress!

  12. Hey Nicole - Love the Gameboard. The colors are really popping on the fabric. What are you stitching it on ??

  13. WOW, the gameboard is AMAZING!!! SuzinVA