Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Goals? What Goals?

Well, I totally blew off all my goals this month. Why do I even set them? I'm just going to do what I feel like anyway!

July Rotation Goals

1. My Earth - Work on floral arch above Pudgie - No
2. LK FIB - Get July Finished - No
3. VoHRH - Finish up block #12 - No
4. CHS Alphabet - Finish Elephant - No
5. HS PS - Finish Left Border - No
6. DT SFBP - Finish House Section - Yes!
7. HoHRH - Finish House #2 - No

Well, I did finish one thing. The Sunflower Bellpull house section and then after that it went all down hill. Mainly because I started Queen Anne's Lace and haven't been able to put her down. I worked on her last night - here's the latest progress pic...

Queen Anne's Lace as of 7/31/07.

I'm going to my brother's house to work today. We're supposed to be watching Halle and working - I'm guess there's not going to be much work getting done. She's one demanding baby! :) Write later!


  1. Queen Anne's lace is looking fantastic. Never mind the rest of your goals - you've done loads on that one!

  2. Queen Anne looks fabulous :) I can be that way too, sometimes goals aren’t a good idea. Most of the time I set goals I know I’ll don anyway :P

  3. WOW!! You've made big progress on this. It looks wonderful! Your post about the HAED designs inspired me to pull my WIP out and make a little progress.


  4. Excellent progress!!

    Goals are just guidelines, you know. ;)

  5. Goals are meant to be broken, right? They're like rotations - I know I don't pay attention to those, either.

  6. You're making great progress on Queen Anne's Lace. I don't set goals at all, they are a waste of time for me, same goes for a rotation, it just doesn't happen!

  7. yes, why do we stitchers treat our hobby and leisure activity like a job anyway? Have fun, that's what it's all about! Queen Anne is beautiful. Maybe you were inspired to get the HAED by Harry Potter! Have you noticed all the fantasy/magic themed movies coming out? I think Red Witch is cute.

  8. Wow! She's really looking beautiful!

  9. You are making such lovely progress on this piece! Love the HAED designs! Don't worry about the goals-you always do well with your stitching.