Monday, August 20, 2007

Pretty Peony

I received my CCN automatic from Handcrafts Online today. The colors are so pretty!

I'm trying to decide if I want stitch these individually or on one piece of linen. Not that I'm going to be stitching them anytime soon! In fact - I haven't stitched anything lately - I'm still slumping. It's been so hot, I know I'm in Florida, it's supposed to be hot. My air conditioning just broke, so it's been even hotter than normal. I have two fans on me and I'm still sweating. Boy I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately!! Oh did I mention I'm also getting a cold?? That's not helping matters any! :)

My baby oldest son starts school tomorrow. Second grade! I know he's trying to act like he's not excited, but I think he is. Well, at least I know I'm excited for him. I met his teacher today and she seems very nice. I got all his school supplies and most of what was on the teacher's wish list. I always try to help them out. I think it's important for the kids to have everything they need.

Well, not much else going on. I just started the 6th season of the Gilmore Girls. The fifth season was definitely my favorite, hopefully 6 is just as good! :) Write later! Hey, maybe I'll have stitching to show one of these days! :)


  1. Excellent stash additions the CCN & LHNs are awesome.

    My sons start their classes on Wednesday. It is a whole new routine for all of us : )

  2. Those are very pretty colors, I am currently working on a LHN myself, my first.

    The kids grow up so fast.

  3. Love the Peony. I am auto from The Silver Needle for that series. My plans are to do it as one piece, so don't have to worry about working it into my stitching rotation right now.

    Summer colds are the worst. I would say it is coming on because you are now without A/C. Used to be my parents did not have A/C, so when I went to visit in the summer I always ended up with a Summer cold. Yuck!!!!!!!


  4. Nicole love the new stash. So sorry you aren't feeling well and you are still slumping, no fun.

    Our youngest started college yesterday! Makes me feel old....

  5. My DS starts 2nd grade next week. I can remember him being a baby like it was just yesterday. Where does the time go?

    I'd be in trouble if I signed up for a CCN automatic - I love the colors of "Peony". I'd be tempted to stitch them individually for needlecases etc, and then stitch them all together - that's what I'm going to do with LHN's "Dear Diary" series, which I've recently started.

    Sending get-well {{{hugs}}} your way!

  6. Hey Nicole-I'm on auto for this series too! I'm going to wait until I get them all and stitch them all together-maybe we can SAL? Hopefully you'll be done with QAL and I'll be done with AOS by then! Ha! ha!
    Hey its hard to stitch when its really hot, so just hang in there-you'll get back to it! Good luck with the new school year, my youngest just started 3rd grade yesterday.

  7. These little flower charts are so pretty, I don't have them, but I'm sorely tempted! Hope things pick up for you soon and the weather cools down.

  8. Peony is going to be so pretty - love the threads! Take care of yourself - colds are no fun!

  9. I don't blame you for being in a slump. I hope the A/C gets fixed soon. I am thoroughly sick of frying out here in the desert so I know how you feel. I hate this time of year - the last few weeks of August and early Sept really get to me - must be my midwestern roots waiting for autumn to kick in but it doesn't! I am going to San Diego in a few weeks to cool off. (P.S. I hadn't seen the peony pattern yet - love it!)

  10. I really like these new house designs. I love crescent colors too so it is a great excuse to fatten up the fiber stash. Ann.