Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I received a package today from Handcrafts Online. I wanted to see and feel the difference between 25 ct. Lugana and Jobelan. The main noticeable difference between the two is Lugana is stiffer than Jobelan. I didn't test any stitches on them, so I can't say anything about that yet.

Mary Kathryn also added a skein of Dinky Dyes silk thread as a "down payment" for a fob she bought! She is too kind! :) I was thinking of using the Lugana to stitch "Kind Fond Love Sampler" one of these days. I saw Peg from Lost in Threads stitched this over one on Lugana last year. I thought it turned out so pretty!

Well, I didn't go stitching last night. I was just too tired to drive an hour to only stitch for an hour. I did stitch at home on Queen Anne's Lace. Here's the latest progress pic...

Not a huge difference, but I did get to another set of roses. Lots of color changes again! :) Well, not much else going on. I'm so tired today! I've been making myself get up early to prepare for Bradley going back to school in a couple of weeks! Jake still has to wait another year. His birthday is ONE day past the deadline. I know that is probably a good thing for him to wait, but sometimes I think it would be really nice for him to be going to school - to play with other kids, etc. Oh well, what can you do?? :) Write later!!


  1. She's so pretty! I am not crazy about Lugana, I find it a bit "stretchy" but I bet it would fun for over one. I've never stitched on jobelan. I love packages. Have a fun day!

  2. Your QAL looks as though it coming along very quickly, such a lot of work, but very pretty! :-) It's always nice to get a stitchy package, isn't it? ;-)

    Jackie x

  3. I'm a linen girlie so not very fond of jobelan or lugana but it is soft, no doubt. Your stitching is coming along beautiful - looks so delicate. Those little progresses are BIG ones :) The beginning of school is looming - eek. I don't want Bent to go back - I like having him around!!!

  4. Hi Nicole, Thanks for the kind words. We have been missing you down here~ Love your stitching, of course I love the little pillow I have from you the best!
    Hope to see you soon!

  5. Hi Nicole:

    Your Queen Anne's Lace is just really beautiful! You make lots of progress on her! I also have Kind Fond Love Sampler in my stash! I thought it was so pretty! Thank you for coming into my blog and also for adding me as a contact on Flckr. I love watching your stitching! You are doing a great job! Debby :)

  6. Hi Nicole, I've been reading your blog for a while now and am really enjoying watching your Queen Anne's Lace grow. It's such a pretty design!

  7. Another great progress pic of QAL. You are really motoring along.

  8. Hi Nicole, I've been browsing on your blog for a while and love the beautiful things you stitch that I would never think to chose. It's gorgeous at your site, and then I leave it at the shops again! LOL

    But I've come out of the ether to offer support to DS#2. I was very young for my school and although I was smart, I wasn't as mature or co-ordinated as my peers. That hurt when I started school. Later, it affected some of my creative arts work in late high school. Hopefully he will thank the system for not letting him in too soon.