Friday, October 05, 2007

Home Sweet Home Wip

I've been really enjoying stitching this one. I feel bad for neglecting Happy Haunting, but I truly am a CCN/LHN addict lately. I love them for their simple colors, subjects and materials. They are all so pretty and I have so many waiting to be stitched next! In fact my small chart basket was overflowing with them, so I got them their own basket today! :)

I just had to share this video I took today. Jake was making Matthew laugh so hard, it was so funny! They are such silly boys!

Well, not much else going on here! Write later! :)


  1. Fantastic progress on HSH. I love the colors of it.

    Your boys are just adorable:)

  2. Great progress.

    I love your boys, they are so cute.

  3. Aww what a great video. Matthew certainly does have a very catching laugh. Riley had to come over and see what all the laughing was about and he was laughing with Matthew lol.

    Beautiful stitching :o)

  4. How sweet your boys :)
    Make me laugh too!
    I'm a LHN/CCN addict too :) Love the basket!

  5. Thanks for sharing the movie with your boys. They are so cute ! You are lucky , enjoy the time when they are still so young and funny :-)) It really is good for the soul to hear them laugh !
    I like your new basket and all your LHN & CCN projects !
    Keep up the good work with the stitching and with your boys of course......

  6. You know I have you to thank for my LHN/CCN addiction.... My charts are kept in a Longerberger basket - I don't have as large a collection (since I mostly trade them away when I'm done so I can feed my addiction!)

    The video is cute! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great video. I was laughing along too. :)
    Are you sure there is enough room in that basket!!!!!

  8. wow that is alot of ccn/lhn! lol but you need them all!

    i love the video of the boys they look so cute playing together

  9. Hi, Nicole! Finally found your blog! Your boys are so darling. How can you help but laugh and watch them play all day? I love all your stitching projects and choices. I haven't been a great fan of of the LHNs, but yours are beautiful and are making me change my mind, especially the rose house one! I love your Shepherds Bush piece...I'm a big collector of SBs from way back. Wish we could get together!!

  10. Oh, your boys are adorable! And I love your recent stitching pics!!

  11. Home Sweet Home looks wonderful. LOL at Matthew, so cute, older siblings are such great value.

  12. OOhhhhhh, love the video with your boys. I need to keep that close at hand to keep me smiling and laughing! Soooo cute!
    Thanks for coming and spending the afternoon with me! And thanks for all the goodies too! Dear hubbie is really loving the cookies and I can't wait to do something with the tins! I hope hope hope you will come back again!

  13. I'm a LHN/DDN addict too! Have quite a stack of them still to stitch.
    Loved the video of your boys. Nothing better than a baby's laugh!

  14. Your WIP is so pretty, great work. I love the basket full of charts… it looks like my basket, full of LHN/CCN LOL! I have an addiction to them too, as well as Shepherd’s Bush.

    Your kids are SO cute, it made me laugh hearing him laugh. :D

  15. Nicole,
    This video is darling - so cute!!!


  16. I love that they have their own basket now!! How funny!