Monday, April 28, 2008

Stitching, Kitting and Fabric Dyeing

I stitched some more on my scissor fob last night. I just have to do the trees and the house. :) It's so cute!

Wool Scissor Fob as of 4/27/08

I also kitted a some more CCN and LHN designs today...

LHN "The Bookshelf"
LHN "The Bookshelf" with DMC and 32 ct. Vintage Navy Bean by Lakeside

CCN "Bless Our Home"
CCN "Bless Our Home" with DMC and Crescent Colours and 32 ct. Lt. Mocha Belfast

There are more in my Flickr album. I went a little crazy! :) I went to Michael's to pick up a few threads I was missing and decided to get some Rit Dye. My mom said she heard Tan gives a vintage look, so I decided to try it out. I got some cheap evenweave to try it out on.

Cotton Evenweave dyed with Tan Rit Dye

I'm very happy with how it turned out. I just filled the sink with hot water and put a few dashes in. I soaked the fabric for about 10 minutes - if that. It looks a lot like tea-dyeing.

Well, not much else going on. The book I've been listening to (see sidebar) is so good! I haven't wanted to stop listening. I highly recommend it. Well, I'm off to listen and stitch now! Write later! :)


  1. Your scissor fob stitching looks great! And what fun to see more kitted projects!

  2. Luv your fob. You have several wonderful projects ready to go!

    And, thx for sharing the source of your thread holders. I noticed the oval ones in your 'kits' and was thinking they'd be great for perle coton #5's. And the bunny shape -- what a hoot!!!

  3. I love the scissor fob so far. It is such a cute design.

    I have never tried dying my own fabric,though I may have to after seeing your's

  4. I love looking at all your WIPs Nicole. Nice work. I used a Rit dye called (funnily enough) "Tea Dye" on the floba for 2 of my SB stockings. I was very happy with the result.

  5. Your scissor fob looks great! I love the fabric dying. I would love to try it, but am a chicken. Is it hard?

  6. I just received "Bless our Home" in the mail last week, and I can't wait to get started.

    Your fob is coming along nicely!

  7. Nice job on the fabric dying :)

  8. wow! I just love all those kits you have! they are so cute !
    I love to come to your site everyday to see what you're doing next!

  9. A sweet fob to match your needlecase - I just love those little black-faced sheep!
    I wonder if I can get Rit dye in the UK? Your fabric turned out great

  10. I love the evenweave you dyed. I think it looks great. I will have to try it out. Fabric is the one stitchy thing that I am lacking.

    Also, I love your blog layout! It's been a while since I've actually visited your blog and not just read your posts through google reader.

  11. OH, I'm dying to do that Bless Our Home. Its gorgeous. Love the fabric dyeing too. Brilliant idea. Your fabric looks great. My poor fob finally has part of a sheepie on it and a house roof. And a border. OH, my.

  12. Great idea on the fabric dye - the result is fantastic! Your fob is looking lovely too. And more things kitted, love them!!!

  13. I'm always leary of tea and coffee dying because of the acids, but the tan fabric dye does give it a very similar look - and no worries about acid!

  14. ohh that fabric looks really nice...i think i might try it sometime

    your fob looks great!

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