Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ruth Bacheler Start

I put a few stitches into The Scarlet Letter's "Ruth Bacheler 1717." Ok, more than a few, but I couldn't stop myself! :) The Irish Stitch triangles are very addictive! I had a little dilemma before I started though. I had ordered 36 ct. Pearled Barley from Elegant Stitch. I received the linen yesterday and realized it was Vintage. Not at all what I was wanting. It's a totally different color than regular PB. I found a large cut of 34 ct. Cafe au Lait by Legacy Linens in my stash. I decided to give it a try, but quickly decided that it was just too light. I then decided to dye it using Vonna's method again. I didn't use any tea this time. I just used some old coffee I had in the fridge. Anyway, I baked and basted it for about 15 min. I went to iron it dry and my old Singer Magic Press decided to die on me. I loved that thing. So I stuck it in the dryer and I'm actually happy that I did because my iron kept leaving residue on my fabric. It was time to get a new iron anyway. Anyway, here are some pics of the start and of how linen ended up turning out.

The Scarlet Letter "Ruth Bacheler 1717"

Ruth close up
34 ct. Cafe au Lait (Coffee-Dyed), DMC threads (2 over 2).

I also have a little progress to show on HoHRH. I should have been stitching this instead of Ruthie, but I couldn't resist starting something new. It's been awhile!

HoHRH Progress as of 2/28/09

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow as of 3/7/09
After - 36 ct. Pearled Barley, DMC threads (2 over 2).

I'm very excited - I am going to become an aunt again in about 2 weeks! I can't wait to see that baby and hold him in my arms! My brother and sister-in-law have found out that it will be a boy and they have decided to name him Harrison Paul. I was thinking of stitching Blackbird Designs "Sailing Home" for him.

Blackbird Designs "Sailing Home"

Well, that's all for now! Write soon! :)


  1. Great Ruthie start! And Ho looks good too. Hey, you deserve a new start, right?

    Congratulations on your nephew to come as well. I love that BBD birth sampler! It's one of my favorites!

  2. Oh I love that name Harrison! I love the colors in the new start. Pretty.

  3. You are a stitching machine GF!! Love your new start-fabric looks great :) Good job!
    Nice progress on HoHRH. I had thought about pulling mine out to work on after I get home this afternoon-but not sure I am feeling it :) I have a love/hate relationship with HoHRH :) :) :)

    Congratulations on becoming an Aunt again soon :)

  4. You're off to a great start on Ruthie. The fabric is gorgeous. Your HoHRH is coming along well! I love the sampler you've chosen for your new nephew. :) I plan to do the girl version for my niece who was born in December. I better get stitching! ;) Congrats on becoming an aunt again soon.

  5. Love the start :) And the fabric looks perfect ;)

    You will have a lovely birth sampler for your new Nephew! Congrats!!

  6. Wonderful start on Ruthie! I love the colors and will enjoy watching you all work on it. HoHRH is looking great and I think your sampler choice for your new nephew is perfect! Congratulations!!!

  7. Your projects look great! And congrats on becoming an Aunt again!! That is a perfect sampler for a baby-I have it for my son (not stitched of course, and he's almost 13, lol).

  8. congrats on the baby,it's always nice when a new baby comes into the family!
    I think that BBD would look beautiful as a birth sampler.
    your fabric dying looks wonderful too

  9. Ruthie is so pretty! You'll have it stitched up in no time with the way your fingers go, Nicole :)

    I stitched SAILING HOME for Zack and made it a wallhanging. I love it.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. Good start on Ruth. Wonderful colours but I am afraid of her....she is so BIG :)
    Great progress on HOHRH, too.
    And a very nice choice for your future nephew... And as always: Can't wait to read your next post...

  11. Great start on Ruth - I love the hand-dyed fabric you made. I really should try that one day!

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt again!

  12. Just beautiful! Your fabric turned out great! And congrats on the nephew on his way!

  13. Beautiful start on Ruth!Congratulations!

  14. Your dyed fabric is beautiful! It looks perfect for the piece. Your HoHRH is also beautiful! I'm sure Harrison will love the BBD his Aunt Nicole stitched for him.

  15. Congrats on being an auntie soon - how exciting. I love the design you've chosen for the new baby.

    All your stitching are coming along beautifully, as always.

  16. I love the start of your new design.

    And sailing home I think that is a perfect one to stitch for a new baby. I saw it finished on someones blog a few weeks ago it was really really nice

    Take Care

  17. Congratulations on the new addition to the family!!!!!!
    Your new projects look very exciting!!!

  18. Your start on Ruthie is great. Wished I had joined you guys, but my head is spinning with the other SALs. Love your progress on Houses too.

  19. Hello~my name is Kit and I am also a SAHM who loves to stitch~especially historic samplers. Your hand work is just beautiful. I like the way you stitch on linen. I see you order your stuff from a place called Elegant Stitch? The fabric for the Scarlet Letter looks just perfect~nice job with using coffee. Have a wonderful day, Kit

  20. Great baking and basting! I really have to try that soon. Miss Ruth and Houses are looking great.

  21. Ruthie looks like such a beautiful, colourful sampler! Really looking forward to more progress pictures of it.

  22. Lovely start on Ruthie - pretty colours.
    HoHRH is looking great.

    Congratulations on your new nephew!

  23. Hope you don't mind me lurking... I've been following your progress for a while and your work is absolutely amazing. The Ruth Bachler is a true treasue, the colours are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing :)