Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mary Wigham Conversion

I have had a few requests for the conversion and Katrina has given me the go ahead to give it out. Here are her changes....

DMC Substitution
Blanc GAST Shaker White
Ecru GAST Lambswool
225 CC Rosy Glow
310 WDW Charcoal
352 CC Dulce de Leche
356 WDW Red Pear
407 GAST Woodrose
433 WDW Chestnut
435 WDW Pecan
519 CC Deep Fennel
725 GAST Gold Leaf
739 GAST Flax
746 GAST Straw Bonnet
927 WDW Dove
930 WDW Gunmetal
934 WDW Collards
966 GAST Grape Leaf
3052 CC Joshua Tree (I changed this to WDW Kudzu)
3768 CC Dublin Bay
3822 WDW Honeysuckle
3855 WDW Straw
3857 WDW Baked Apple

Thanks Katrina for providing such a great conversion!!


  1. I am also switching to Kudzu, I thought the same as you, Nicole, the Joshua Tree is a bit light.

  2. Thank you so much I love the color variation that comes from the substitutions. This list will help greatly. GB

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the color conversions for Mary Wigham! The colors are beautiful.

  4. Thanks for sharing the conversion! I really like the colors you are using.