Wednesday, January 21, 2004

First my computer and then my washing machine! Everything decided to break down at once! :) I can fix my computer but not the washer. So we got a new one the other day and they delivered it today. So I've spent the day doing laundry! Fun, fun! My mom's washer also broke down at the same time, so she came over and did some laundry. Now I'm finishing it for her. You never realize how important something is to you until it's broken! It was time to get a new one anyways, we've had ours for 10 years now. And it was so tiny, it took forever to do laundry. Now it takes half the time. Anyways, no stitching done today. :( I was hoping to get more done on my Harvest Moon. Maybe I'll make some coffee to wake myself up and start stitching! That's all for now!

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