Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A little more progress...

I ran out of the Green Gables Luminesence (don't they look yummy?), but I knew I was going to because I tangled half of it. And I used about 4 lengths starting on the other fabric. So I placed an order with Lois and it should be here soon! :) My first order I placed still isn't here. I'm worried that a. it got lost in the mail or b. I placed way too many orders and have just confused the heck out of Lois. I'm sure it will get here, but if it's not by the end of the week I'll probably email just to make sure. Something may have been backordered or something.

See that's why my dh should not leave town because I get too bored and start ordering way too much off the net. I keep telling myself, ok that's it! And then there I go and place a new order. It's mainly because of my new sampler obsession! Especially Quaker Samplers. I think I've ordered 4 new Quaker patterns. My justification is that I can always sell some of my older things I'm not interested in anymore. Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I'll have more progress on my TMOM for tomorrow! :)

Update - I got my package from Lois - my 1st order was included with this one. It's like Christmas all over again!! I may be poor now, but I'm happy! :)

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