Friday, January 16, 2004

I have a new progress pic of TMOM. I decided not to work on my bent creek project. there was only 1 1/2 trees done and I didn't like the fabric, so I cut it up and put the threads and pattern away. I did the same thing for another project I just didn't like anymore. It feels almost as good as finishing them. At least there out of the way now and not "haunting" me. So here's a listing of my UFOs/WIPs

Project - Date Started
SB's Tina's Stocking - 98
SB's Harvest Moon - 98
L&L Fairy Grandmother - 6/98
L&L Quiltmaker - 1/99
L&L Angel of the Winter 12/6/99
Mira Rose Arbour - 1/19/00
Mira Enchanted Dreamer - 7/7/01
Mira Queen Mermaid - 3/24/02
Mira Deepest Love - 8/02
L&L Secret Santa - 11/23/02
Mira Villa Mirabilia - 9/10/03
L&L Celtic Summer - 11/20/03
DT Marriage of Minds - 1/9/04

Ok, what does that tell me... I shouldn't start anymore L&L's or Mirabilia's!! :) And I need the number to ghost stitchers! LOL! I'm really close to finishing a couple of them, I don't know why I just can't do it! Maybe that will be my goal. To get the one's that are close to be finished, done! The ones that I've just started get rid of. The ones that are about halfway done, put in a rotation sort of thing. Although I'm not good at rotations. My method is screaming, which ever screams the loudest is what I work on! :)

Oh yeah the pic! here it is...

That's all for now! Going to sort through those wips. Maybe put some things on ebay or the BB's! :)

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