Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Oh Man, I just got off work and I'm tired! I came home to kitty poopy under the bed, what joy! :) And I have no more carpet spray! That's always what I look forward to after a long day. Anyways, I did get some more done on my Marriage sampler...

This scan is a little darker because I put it on scroll rods, the fabric was too big. I'm definitely becoming sampler obssessed lately. I ordered some silks and linen to do my Sarah Tatum Quaker Sampler. It's a huge one too! I had orignally planned on using DMC, but I thought for a project this special it deserves silks. Ok, I'm really ashamed to admit it, but I'm becoming a silk snob. And I really can't afford to be one. It's really pathetic. I'm a silk junkie.

Well, that's all for now! I have the day off tomorrow! I'm going to try to get more done on my sampler!

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