Wednesday, March 31, 2004

1. When did you first start stitching?
I first started stitching when I was 13.
2. How long have you been stitching?
That would be 16 years.
3. Did someone teach you or did you teach yourself?
I taught myself. When I was in middle school we used to make braclets with the floss. One day I was bored and decided to see what the floss was really used for.
4. Describe your first project (if you can remember!).
I bought a Leisure Arts pattern that had baby motifs. It was on aida and I remember not being able to get all 6 strands of the DMC into the needle. We (my mom and I) went back to the craft store and asked them what to do, they told us to just use two strands. :)
5. When did you first realise that stitching was for you?
I stitched off and on during that time up until I graduated high school. It wasn't until about 1995, after I was married a couple years, when I stitched my first L&L angel that I realized stitching was for me, after that I was definitely hooked!!

Notice she doesn't have wings (there wasn't enough fabric) and I framed it myself, I had a mat covering up parts of her so you can see the fabric is darker where the mat was. It's a mess, but I can't get rid of it. Sentimental I guess! :)

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