Friday, March 05, 2004

I took some time off work, and it's been so nice. I have been cleaning a lot. I'm hoping I'm not getting sick. I've been feeling a little queasy for a few days, which is how my mom felt before she got sick. So keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't get me!!! I have a few finishes...

1.) Lizzie Kate's newest freebie

2.) Blue Fob - I went to hobby lobby and bought a bunch of beads and crystals. I'm planning on selling them on eBay. Not this one because it's special because it has a Shepherd's Bush charm, but the others that I plan to make.

3.) Pink Fob - A simpler fob, I believe I received the heart charm from Shepherd's Bush. I just can't remember why or when? :)

Well, not much else!! Going to stitch on my snowman, or make a fob.. hmm.

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