Monday, March 29, 2004

April Flip-It is finished! :)

April Flip-It Block

It was a fun one, I love the colors! I stitched Spring Alphabet by Heart in Hand at the stitch-in too, but it didn't look anything like the pictures. The thread given for the little house and bee was pink. Not at all right! And I had a ton of mistakes, so I think I'm going to restitch it. I hate it that I want my stitching perfect, but it bugs me so much when there are obvious mistakes. I probably just need to get over it and start something else! But I really like this design and I want it to look right. :)

Well, dh went back to work this morning I gave him my laptop and printer because he's going to be doing a lot of deskwork for a little while. Poor thing, I know that's not what he'd like to be doing, but it will just have to be that way for now. I know he feels like he's being punished in a way. Oh well, hopefully it's not for too long. Well, that's all for now!!!

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