Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Small Finish...

I started a small freebie yesterday - Carriage House Sampling's Needle. I was looking through some things the other day and I found the pattern. I love small finishes - they definitely have that instant gratification factor! here's a pic - sorry the scan is a little crooked.

Needle by Carriage House Samplings

The fabric is a scrap I picked up from my LNS a long time ago, so I'm not sure what color it is, but I do know it's 32 ct. The threads are all Sampler Threads. This was a lot of fun to stitch. I may have to stitch a couple more of these! :)

Well, not much else going on here. Finally got my three year old to go to bed at a decent time. He's been wired lately. Not wanting to go to bed until 10 pm! Hopefully that little phase is now over!! I'll probably work on my Game Board Sampler tomorrow - write more then.


  1. You whipped up that freebie in no time! Way to go!

  2. You've got a smokin' needle moving along!!! WOOT : )

    It looks charming. Job well done.

  3. Your work is lovely! I especially love CHS. I have been meaning to leave comments, but I have not had much computer time lately--hopefully that is changing!