Saturday, May 13, 2006

Game Board Sampler Progress...

I worked on my Game Board Sampler yesterday before work. I got some of the alphabet done, two motifs, and one house done! Here's a couple of pics...

Game Board Sampler

Up Close of Game Board Sampler

I also got some new stash in the mail! :) I ended up signing up for the Loose Feathers Club. I ordered the new Quaker Garden and the reprint of Strawberry Garden from Needlecraft Corner. From Elegant Stitch I got Carriage House Samplings Hearts and Flowers and Little House Needleworks Morning Berries with the Crescent Color Threads to go with it.

New Stash!

I also ordered the threads and fabric for Strawberry and Quaker Gardens. For Quaker Garden I ordered Lakeside Linen's Pear from Wyndham. It will probably take at least two weeks for that to get here.


So it's been a good early Mother's Day here! :) It's also been good because DH got me a new camera! It's a Nikon Coolpix S3. I'm still getting used to it - all the different types of pictures you can take, etc. Well, not much else going on here! Write more later!


  1. Nice stash haul :) You're making great progress on SGB

  2. Happy Mother's Day! What a great gift - I love all of those charts!

    I'll be posting a pic of my Game Board progress later today. You are cruising on yours!

  3. Way to go on the sampler -- I didn't get a stitch in over the week-end ... WOOT! A new camera, too. Awesome.

    Good taste in stash. What a nice selection of designs, fibers & linens.

    You are such a speedy stitcher, you'll have them all FINISHED in no time LOL -- I'm going to work on the Sanctuary today (in between laundry loads)