Monday, May 08, 2006

Blame it on the baby....

I started another new project and I'm blaming it on the baby!! I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Jake... I started so many new projects a lot of them became UFOs. Hopefully that doesn't happen this time!!! I ended up starting Drawn Thread's Sampler Game Board. A few other bloggers (Cathy, Bine, Leila, and Myrna) are stitching this and I can never resist a SAL! :)

The Next Project I'm plotting....
Pattern and Threads

Drawn Thread Sampler Game Board
My Progress as of Today

I didn't finish the date because I'm not sure if I'll finish it this year. I hope I do, but with the baby coming in 11 weeks, I'm not sure if that will be a reality! :) I'm stitching it on 28 ct. Light Mocha Cashel using DMC. I was going to order the 25 ct. Dublin, but decided to just use something from my stash.

Speaking of baby, I bought his stroller yesterday! A friend of mine pointed out this one at Walmart. I thought it was online only, but I found one at my local walmart and I grabbed it. The price is about $50 less than the one I was going to buy. I told my friend I would post pictures of the one I bought because it's actually darker than the pictures on the website.

Car Seat


Well, now I'm all set for baby! All I'll need is diapers and wipes! :) It's been nice not having to buy them for about 6 months. Oh well, what can ya do!? Write more later!


  1. So glad that you have decided to join us! I'll try to post a progress pic soon - I haven't stitched any squares yet - just the border across the top. You are off to a great start!

  2. Hi Nicole: You accomplished more than I did!! Isn't it a fun pattern to work on? I like working a square at a time. I think you deserve the gold needle award for getting all that done!

    Beautiful stroller. I remember those days well -- a good stroller is a 'must have'. Now my oldest daughter drives (my car) and my middle son (just turned 16) is talking about driving ....

    Yes, strollers.... I do remember those days LOL