Saturday, May 27, 2006

Still not much stitching...

It's been a busy week! I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday Bradley had his little kindergarten graduation ceremony and Friday my mom was supposed to close on her house, but didn't. So I ran back forth helping her out, plus getting the room downstairs ready for her stay in.

I've been trying to work on H is for Honey by The Prairie Schooler. I got a teeny bit of progress done...

H is for Honey

Sorry the picture is not the greatest... still trying to figure out my new camera. Sometimes I think newer is not always better. :) Well, not much else going on here. I've got to work the weekend, and one day next week and then I get over a week off... can't wait!! Write later!


  1. Wow, Nicole the Prairie Schooler looks charming. What do you mean 'teeny bit' -- looks like the bee & H squares are solid cross stitching. Cannot wait to come back & see more progress.

    Kindergarten graduations are so much fun : ) Congrats to Bradley!

  2. H is for Honey is nice! What great colors!

    We would love to have you join us with the WOTM SAL! That would be cool!

  3. Hi Nicole - H is for Honey looks great! And I've been meaning to tell you that your Game Board Sampler looks great. I'll be posting a progress update shortly...