Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can't Sleep

I only went to bed five hours ago, so why can't I sleep?? Well, it could be my life is going to change a lot in just a matter of weeks. It could also have been dh's snoring and cover hogging. It could also be The Village of Hawk Run Hollow. It's sad, but right now because I'm not working I can't stop thinking about this project! I got to thinking what if the Light Examplar is too light. What if the church doesn't show up? I guess I could backstitch it? And of course the cost of the project - I have buyers remorse, slightly. I know I will love this project so much, but it is/was expensive. I think I'm going to sell some things on ebay to make up for the cost or at least part of it. Anyway, these are the silly things running through my mind at 4:31 am. The baby is also kicking and of course I had to get up to use the bathroom. Argh! I know I will regret this in the morning. Maybe I just need a snack? I got more stitching done last night on Quaker Garden. I think I may get it finished in the next couple of days! I'll post a pic - tomorrow, well, today, but when the sun is actually up! :)

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