Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A little more Quaker Garden Progress...

I've been steadily working on Quaker Garden. I've learned it helps my ribs to put a pillow on my lap when I'm sitting in bed stitching. That way I'm not bending over as much to read my pattern. They still hurt though especially when he decides to give me a good jab with his foot! :) Here's my pic... it's pretty yellow though. My camera is such a pain sometimes!

quaker garden

I pulled the DMC for The Village of Hawk Run Hollow. Although I'm not using DMC I wanted to see how the colors would look on the fabric I chose. I'm very happy with it - I can not wait to receive everything in the mail! Hopefully Friday?? :) This picture is much better...

Light Examplar with DMC floss for VOHRH

It looks like we may be moving down to Florida in August! I think dh is close to getting a job down there. He's going again to do some tests for the police dept. he interviewed with last week. It's good timing for Bradley because school starts there on August 9th. Not so good timing for me because the baby is Due July 24th. I'm sure my mom or MIL will come up to help move though. I'm not moving everything right now. Just the essentials. We'll put our house up for sale after we are out, so I'm not worried about showing it and keeping it clean with the new baby and the boys. Then after it sells we'll come back to get our furniture. We'll most likely be staying with my mom until it does sell - hopefully it won't take too long! Write later!

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