Sunday, June 04, 2006

One House and Two Motifs...

I stitched a little bit on my Drawn Thread Game Board Sampler. I have been so tired today. In between stitching I've been laying down and sometimes napping. I feel like I'm in my first trimester again! My mom is staying with me and she is so bored because she's used to keeping busy, but I'm just too tired to go anywhere. I went out with dh yesterday, and all I could think about was getting in my bed and going to sleep! :) Anyway, here's my GBS pic..

Game Board Sampler - close up

Well, I'm off to bed - It's taking all my energy just to post this... how sad!! :) Write later... much later!


  1. Great progress as usual on your Game Board. I'll post a picture of mine later today.

    Rest up and relax. I remember being really tired towards the end too. Take care!

  2. nice job on the 3 squares! That is excellent progress. i swear, both you & cathy will be done before I'm thru with house construction LOL

    hey, get as much rest as possible. Time for you to spoil yourself