Friday, June 02, 2006

Feeling Crafty...

In the past few days I've cross stitched, crocheted, and knit. Here are some things I've worked on...

H is for Honey Bee
H is for Honey - I got all the beehives done!

Crocheted dish cloth
A crocheted dishcloth - took no time at all!

baby sweater

The above photo is a Debbie Bliss baby sweater I started knitting today. It's the Cardigan with Fully Fashioned Shaping from the Baby Knits for Beginners book. I'm using Cascade Sierra - the yarn I was using for a scarf I know I'll never finish.

Well, we have about 7 1/2 weeks to go and we're still stuck on the name. We like Maddox and Matthew, but are unsure of which we like best. Maybe I should set up a poll? :) He is stuck up in my ribs right now, so I'm going to go lay down! Write later! :)


  1. Hi Nicole: Your beehives are wonderful! So cute. Moving right along. And you crochet, too? Lovely dishcloth. And, knitting, too!!! Wonderful sweater -- all your knitted stitches look so even ... gesh. My attempt at knitting was shameful :) you are a busy bee : )

    I think both of the names are nice. You still have 7.5weeks to ponder his name.

  2. I like Maddox best, only because I get tired of hearing our nephew called "Matt"


  3. I love that PS design. I have the chart and it is one that I want to stitch for sure. How are you going to finish it?