Sunday, January 21, 2007

A little bit of stitching this week...

Thursday I went back down to the Golden Needle. I decided to give them one more chance. :) The shop is so cute - even if some people were a little rude. I stitched some on Village of Hawk Run Hollow while I was there...

VOHRH as of 1/17/07

I didn't get a lot done - just filled in some of the black background. While I was there I signed up for a class with Susan Greening Davis making little strawberry pin cushions. They're so cute!! :)

Sunday I dropped off the kids at my MIL's and went stitching at JoAnne Nantz Needlework. I got a little bit done on my Game Board Sampler...

Game Board Sampler as of 1/19/07

I also got a pattern while I was there...

Peaceful Garden
Moira Blackburn's Peaceful Garden

And because I don't have enough going on right now, I've decided to start this...

Drawn Thread's Sunflower Bellpull

And here's my little progress pic...

Drawn Thread Sunflower Bellpull

I'm enjoying it so far! :) Well, I think my life will slowly be getting back to normal. Dh went back to nights today - I can once again stay up late and stitch while watching whatever I want! :) Kinda selfish of me, huh? ;)

I have one last pic to share... I captured this shot early this morning while everyone was still in their p.j.s...

Bradley, Jake and Matthew (who turned 6 months on Friday!)

Well, not much else going on here. I'll write more later!


  1. Nicole - your boys are just the cutest!

    Lucky you to have not one, but TWO needlework shops close by. Your VoHRH is looking good. I've always wanted to stitch that Sunflower Bell Pull - I'll just enjoy watching you for now!

  2. Your blog is absolutely delightful! Lovely stash, great work on the Village, and your boys are just adorable!

  3. Love the picture of the boys - they are so cute!

    And very nice work on your WIP's too!

  4. I cannot believe that child is six months old - time sure does fly!! Your VOHRH is looking great - I would imagine all that black takes forever. I hope the ladies were nicer to you this time. Your start on the sunflower bellpull is great too!

  5. Oh that sampler chart is wonderful!!!

    Your boys are darling :)

  6. I love the DT pieces and your VoHRH is coming along nicely. The boys are adorable :-).

  7. Hi Nicole,

    Your VoHRH is looking good. I love the Sunflower Bell Pull too. I bought all of the threads for it but I need to finish some projects before starting anything new. I'm looking forward to your progress. What fabric are you using for it?

  8. So Golden Needle went ok? Do you think you'll go again? I wish they did that kind of thing local to me.

    VOHRH is looking good and I do like that bell pull you've just started. Looking forward to seeing your updates on that one.

    The boys are growing so fast aren't they! I can't believe Riley is 5 months old either.

  9. Your wip's ae looking great. The boys are too cute.

  10. I wish my boys were little again, they look so sweet. I see everyone stitching on the Game Board Sampler, will you please tell me who the designer is? I would love to do that one also!
    I'm new to blogging, how do you add other blogs to your blog page? Any help would be appreciated!