Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home Again, Home Again...

And I'm not leaving home for a while! I got back from Georgia tonight and we are done! The house is cleaned out and cleaned up. I took all three boys and that was an adventure to say the least. They were pretty good though. I think I did say "Shhh" and "Be Quiet" at least 500 times. They were bouncing off the car walls! :) I should have took pictures of the house, but I didn't. It's too sad. I will miss it and the area we lived in. It really is so pretty there. I'm definitely a hills and trees kind of girl rather than a beach girl as much as I try to like it down here. Oh well, what can you do? It's done and it's time to move on!

I did get a bit of stitching done before we left. Here's a little bit more of "Poinsettias and Pines."

I'm sure I won't get this finished before the end of 2007, but I thought I'd put the year anyway. At least I won't forget when I started. I'm really enjoying this one and hope to keep working on it until it's done. I also got a little package in the mail before I left. I had to take a picture of the tissue paper. It was wrapped so pretty!

"Christmas Tea" by Plum Street Samplers

I fell in love with this design right when I saw it! I think it's so cute! Well, that's all for now. We are all getting a little cold. Everyone is sneezing. Of course we are though because the holidays are coming up. It seems we are always sick around Christmas time. Write later!


  1. Your Poinsettias and Pines looks great!

  2. Your poinsettias is so beautiful !!! Good luck in your life ;-)

  3. Poinsettia is looking gorgeous. I love the colours in this one.

    It's sad that you can't live in the place you love. Maybe you'll be able to move back to hills and trees in a few years.

  4. Yes, the holidays do seem to go hand-in-hand with some coughing, sneezing and sniffling. ;)

    Your P&P project looks great. Just LLLLLOOOOVVEEE those colors!

  5. PP is so pretty! I love it :)
    I know it's sad to leave a home and move on with life...last year when we left our old house...I cried. It was where I came home as a new bride, where I brought all 4 of my babies "home" was sad, but we have pictures to remind us and I drive by every now and again, and then tell my husband, "They aren't taking care of my clematis, or...." my this and that... LOL!

  6. You must be relieved to have all the cleaning and moving done :)

    Poinettias is looking so pretty! And what a gorgeous new chart :)

  7. Welcome back! I can only imagine travelling with 3 boys - I have trouble on trips of 200 miles with one DS!