Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Poinsettias and Pines

I finally got past the lower tree section on P&P!

The words shouldn't take too long. I'm kind of over Christmas stitching though. I may work on something else... Maybe get back to Prairie Sampler?? Well, not much going on here. Write later! :)


  1. It's looking wonderful, Nicole! I hear you on the "being over Christmas stitching". I still need to finish up the piece I'm working on for a Christmas Quaker exchange that has to be in the mail on Jan. 5. I keep dragging my feet on getting it done because I'm also over Christmas stitching for a while and I didn't even do that much this year. LOL

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. I'm not quite over my Christmas stitching yet, but I'm getting there. I've got 2 exchanges due the first half of January, and both have a Christmas theme, so I have to hang in there until they are done! Your P&P looks lovely!

  3. I love the poinsettias on this piece - so pretty and such detail too.


  4. It's looking lovely so far.

    I never started my christmas stitching yet, I'm really feeling like i can't wait to get into it now, to get a head start on next year, hahahah.