Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prairie Sampler

I didn't start anything new after all. I decided to get "Prairie Sampler" out again. I worked on it just a little bit before I got too tired...

I love the little squirrel! :)

The kids and I are heading up to Charleston tomorrow to spend a week with my dh. They are so excited! Hopefully everything goes well on our way up! Wish us luck! Write later!


  1. I hope you will have fun in Charleston, it is such a nice town to visit. I have been there once, I really enjoyed the carriage ride around the historic homes. Did I ever mention that my mom lives in Summerville, right outside of Charleston? I stitched a scene of rainbow row for her last year because she loves that part of Charleston. Happy Holidays!

  2. Have a safe trip, Nicole! Your Prairie Sampler is looking great. I think I've narrowed my New Year's Day start down to either it or Acorn Hill. :-) Then again, I still have 4 more days to decide, so it might change again. LOL

  3. Have a fun trip! I've always weanted to visit Charleston!

    Prairie Sampler looks lovely! I think you made a good decision.

  4. Have a fun time in Charleston! Safe trip and Bon Voyage! :D

    Cute squirrel!

  5. I hope all of you have a great trip to see your DH.

    Great progress on Prairie Sampler.