Monday, March 17, 2008

A Couple New Things...

Green Snowman
Shepherd's Bush "Green Snowman" kit.

Shepherd's Bush "Green Snowman"
Don't those silk threads look yummy?

The Goode Huswife Book
The Goode Huswife Book - I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from Elegant Stitch!

June Morning Threads and Fabric
June Morning, a pattern in the book, with the threads and fabric.


  1. Oh wow - June Morning is GORGEOUS!!! Those colors are yummy enough to eat. I'll be eager when you get started on that one. LOL


  2. I love entries that show new goodies! These look like they are going to be very enjoyable to stitch!

  3. The threads AND the fabric look yummy on GS. I was looking at this one yesterday in my stash, thinking it would be lovely to do. There's so many I want to stitch all at once - help!

  4. I love my Goode Huswife book. I sit and read through it quite frequently, trying to decide what design to stitch first! While the design picture is nice, seeing the actual fibers on the fabric is amazing! ~ Terri

  5. Oh such pretty things! I am really wanting that Goode Huswife book!!! Love the green snowman too!

  6. Where can I get June Morning. It's my unicorn chart