Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I went a little crazy....

My brother gave my mom and I some money to go shopping. For no reason other than he said he had a good year and wanted to treat us. He's way too good to us!

Anyway, I decided to stop by my LNS to see what was new. Seems innocent enough right?


Then again this is me we're talking about. I have no willpower, absolutely none. Especially when it comes to the linen drawers! I did find one new pattern (below). I love Primitive Traditions new quaker things. They are so pretty! I'm still thinking about that basket!


I stitched a little bit last night, but not much because I was so tired!. Matthew has been keeping me up at night. Crying and screaming like he's been hurt. It took me almost two hours last night to get him settled down. He's caught a cold from his brother and is not happy about it!


I'm thinking of going stitching tonight at Golden Needle. We'll see how tired I am after I get my ds from school. Although, knowing my lack of willpower being tired probably won't stop me. :) Write later!


  1. What a sweetie your brother is! Fantastic stash :)

  2. Great stash haul. Looking forward to seeing what you create with it.

  3. Hi! De-lurking to say how much I enjoy your blog. Your work is inspirational! I wish I had your 'lack of willpower' (lol), I am always too tired at night after my two boys are in bed to do any stitching. (And forget about it when they're awake! LOL!)

    Anywho, I love what you're doing, keep up the GREAT work! :)

  4. What a great brother, does he need an older sister, LOL? Very nice choices on the linen. You didn't list just what they are, and inquiring minds would like to know, haha. Can you tell I'm getting stash acquistion withdrawal? You really do need to get that basket.

  5. Great new linen ... enjoy your stash!

  6. Look at all that yummy fabric! I see you've got a pink one in there too. And more thread drops - haven't been able to find an online store that has that variety. What a lovely brother and such a good choice what to do with the money :)

    Loving the look of Sampler Lady!