Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet Treats

I worked on Sweet Treats last night. The new installment is out and I should be getting it in the mail pretty soon from Handcrafts Online, so I thought I'd stitch as much as I could until I got the pattern.

Sweet Treats as of 3/25/08

I also got a new Vera Bradley bag yesterday (which you all know is my other weakness). It's the Laptop Case in Mod Floral Pink. I have been looking at it for a long time. I thought it would make a perfect little cross stitch bag...

Vera Bradley Laptop Case - Mod Floral Pink
Side View

Large zippered pocket in the middle - perfect for holding stitching projects

Zippered side pocket - perfect for keys, glasses, wallet, etc.

I'll probably get back to Sampler Lady today unless Sweet Treats #2 comes in the mail and then I'll work on that. Write later! :)


  1. sweeet treats is looking great. Love your Vera Bradley bag. I just won 2 Vera bags on e-bay the molly and Betsy in the botanical pattern, can't wait till they arrive. Don't you just love them !

  2. Sweet Treats is really pretty so far! I just love the bag that you bought!! I just love her stuff but don't have any of them. That bag is so bright and pretty!! I love it! Your stitching is beautiful!! Debby :)

  3. I'm stitching sweet treats too - isn't it great? I love how yours is coming out. I'm also stitching ahead on it, but I didn't stitch the brown horizontal line because as far as I could tell from staring at the tiny photograph of the model, the line is not the same width in each square. so be careful :-D

    Such a smart idea to use the laptop case for a stitching bag, it's the perfect size. And then if you ever need to schlep your laptop somewhere, you're all set.

  4. I bought a Vera Bradley laptop case for my Quaker Christmas SAL necessities and I just love it. I bought the new design, yellow bird.

  5. Love that bag!! And I can't wait to see your progress on the newest installment of Sweet Treats when you get it.

  6. Love the Vera Bradley bag! (but you knew I would, didn't you? LOL)

    Sweet Treats is looking very "sweet" :)

  7. Nicely done ... hopefully the new pattern will arrive soon!

  8. No! No more Vera Bradley enabling! I can't take it...I love them all! Seriously though Nicole, that bag is just gorgeous.

    I am currently attempting to sew a VB look-alike, something like the Hipster. So if anyone sees one IRL, can you tell me how it's finished at the top? Zipper or magnetic closure?

  9. Sweet Treats is looking yummy! Very exciting waiting for the next installment.

    Great idea for your VB bag. I love using things for something different than their original intention.

  10. Nicole, I'm sure you "need" that Vera bag...since you are leaving for S. Carolina on Friday. LOL! Love your Sweet Treats! Enjoy and have a safe trip!

  11. ohhhh nice use of the laptop bag! dammm I think I'm going to have to copy you again! lol .. I do love the fabric .. I have a regular large VB purse in that pattern :)

  12. Great bag, I can see why you fell in love with it. And its the perfect size for stitching goodies. Lovely work on Sweet Treats!

  13. Well, I've never been much for VB bags, but I sure love the color & style on yours... I think I may be converted :)

    Your ST is looking great!

  14. Love that bag! And you've enabled me with Sweet Treats - I have one on the way to me as well! Love it!!