Sunday, October 16, 2005


Because we were all sick and inside for way too long I took my mom shopping today. First we had quesadillas at Moe's, and then we headed down to Buckhead. We went to Why Knot Knit?. I love this yarn shop! They are now carrying Rowan! I could live there! Just get me a sleeping bag and I would be in heaven. Anyway, I just got some Cascade Sierra to knit this scarf from Scarf Style....

Midwest Moonlight

Cascade Sierra from Why Knot Knit.
Cascade Sierra - color #24

The quilt under the yarn is an early Christmas present from my Grandma. She is a wonderful quilter and I'm always happy to be the recipient of her quilts. She actually let me pick from three that she made, and my brothers will choose from the other two. I picked this one because I loved the colors and the cream background. Here's some more pictures....

Quilt Grandma made me.
Full Size on my bed.

Quilt Square
A close up of a quilt square I like.

Quilt Square
Another quilt square I like.

My grandmother actually cheats and sends her quilts out to be quilted. The quilter does a beautiful job on them. I'm sure this is why she able to finish so many so fast. It would be great if we could just send all our knitting out to someone to finish it up wouldn't it? :)

I just had to try this out... I got this from Wendy's Blog. You Google "[your first name] needs" and post the ten best results:

10. Nicole needs a man.
9. Nicole needs inspiration/encouragement.
8. Nicole needs to shut her mouth.
7. Nicole needs open lines of communication.
6. Nicole needs to learn typical 4th grade science.
5. Nicole needs a loving home for her parakeet.
4. Nicole needs her medicine.
3. Nicole needs constant and careful medical attention.
2. Nicole needs all the help she can and someone powerful (and ruthless) on her side.

My fave...
1. Nicole needs someone to take a bath with her.

Those are pretty funny... something I would've never thought of! Try it! :)

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