Friday, October 07, 2005

What I've been up to....

I was wandering around Hobby Lobby the other day... just browsing the aisles and I saw a pretty crocheted afghan pattern. So I thought... why not? It looks fun! So I actually bought a couple of skiens of some Red Heart Supersaver acrylic in a dusty teal. I thought if I really can't stand it, I've only spent $4 on yarn, so it's no big deal. Well, to my surprise I actually liked, and I actually thought it was coming out pretty! I got about 19 rows done, here's a pic....

Crocheted Afghan as of 10/5/05
"Filet" from Leisure Arts Quick Crochet Afghans - Book 3.

Other things I have been doing... Obsessing over the Braves. It's that time of year again. I went to the first playoff game. Even though my instincts told me not to. I'm obviously bad luck. I have now been to five playoff games and they have lost all five. I'm staying away from now on because they tend to win when I'm not there. Last nights game was awesome. I just have this feeling they may actually make it to the next round. After that... who knows? Here's a couple of pics from the game...

tim and johnny
Tim Hudson and Johnny Estrada working out before the game.

Jeff Francoeur - who could quite possibly be Rookie of the Year.

I'm so obsessed I went to the game by myself. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I've been to three by myself now. Having no one to go with doesn't stop me! :) And I'm going to try to get someone to switch with me Saturday, so I can be home to watch game 3. Ok that's enough about the Braves. Well, Jake is calling for me... he's not wanting to take a nap, what's new??? :) Write more later.......

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