Sunday, October 30, 2005

Birthday shopping and other things...

Well, dh hasn't had a complete change of heart. We are not going to rush things. We are just going to see what happens...

In other news... I went shopping today. First we went to IKEA. What a crazy madhouse!! They were having 15% off everything this weekend. I think everyone in Atlanta was there today. It was pretty cool to see everything though. We were pretty overwhelmed, it is so much bigger than I realized! After IKEA we went to Why Knot Knit. I was hoping to get the yarn for the vogue Debbie Bliss jacket, but they didn't have it all, so I got some other things instead....

Manos Del Uruguay - 113 Wildflowers

Rowan Felted Tweed
Rowan Felted Tweed - 150 Rage

Rowan Vintage Style
Rowan Vintage Style

Salina from Vintage Style

The Rowan Tweed is for Salina in the Vintage Style and I got the Manos to make a cross hatch scarf. The pattern used to be available, but I guess it's going to be released in creative knitting magazine soon. I may have it stashed away in a binder of patterns I collected when I first started knitting.

edited to add: I found the scarf pattern and it was actually from Sheep in the City. Unfotunately it's no longer on her blog, so I can't give a link to the pattern.

Ok... I have a confession... I have serious startitus lately. I started the Scooped Necked Cardigan from Debbie Bliss's first Noro Book. I finished the back in no time at all and just started a front. I love that it's done sideways. Here's a pic of the back...

Scoop Neck Cardi Back
Noro Silk Garden - #34

Well, not much else! I'm just doing laundry now to get ready for Monday. Fun, fun! ;) Write more later....


  1. I've made that cardi in the same colorway! It's verrrry scoopy.

  2. Did I know you where in atlanta? I an north of atlanta.


    PS, I think it would be great if you decided to have another, and you had a little girl!

    Love Ya,

  4. Happy Birthday to you :) Sounds like some great fun shopping despite the chaos. Your cardigan looks great!

  5. Do you mean the my so called scarf pattern? It's still up (I've made them as gifts a million times.)

    You can find it here: