Thursday, October 26, 2006

I just learned an important lesson...

And wanted to pass it on! I'm having a little trouble with this access file - sorry to those who are trying to get it! I just learned that if you make a back up copy you must give it a new name or it will revert to the old file. I made a copy with the same name and erased all the info that I've been entering for over a couple years, so I could try to upload or send and then when I went to restore it - it was all still gone because I didn't change the name of the file. Argh! What a lesson to learn! Oh well, what can you do? Cry, throw things, stomp feet? I'm just too tired. Oh well, I'll start over tomorrow. Hopefully I've stopped someone from making the same mistake!


  1. You can actually get the file back if you use a file restore program. This happens to me all the time. I downloaded Recover Lost Data from and it has saved me tons of time and more than a few headaches. ;-)

  2. Don't know which is worse - children who DON'T do what we say *or* computers that DO (even when we're wrong)?!?!? Hope things go right from now on!

  3. Oh Nicole..what a bugger! Access is not my most favourite MS speaks a totally different language than any other & doesn't ask the age-old question "do you want to save?" just does!