Friday, October 13, 2006

Shepherd's Bush Reed's Stocking

Shepherd's Bush Reed's Stocking
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I decided to be a good mother and get a stocking started for one of the boys. I think Reed's Stocking is pretty cute because it's got a sheepie too. Love those sheepies!! I went stitching last night at Lasting Impressions and picked up the threads and fabric to stitch it. I really need to get back to that budget one of these days! :) I also stopped by a new shop (to me) The Crafty Framer in Largo the other day and picked up a few things. It was a cute shop, and the owner was very nice.

Crafty Framer Stash - 10/11/06.

Those little designs in the boxes are called Doodle's for leftovers, they're designed by Hob-Nobb Designs. I couldn't resist them because of the cute little button and the cute little box. :)

I did get a little stitching on Pear Tree Inn done last night. I've almost got the border finished. I'm glad I'm doing the border first because I know by the time I got finished with everything else I would not be looking forward to stitching it. Here's a progress pic...

Pear Tree Inn progress as of 10/12/06
Sorry for the wrinkles!

Not much of a progress pic, hopefully I can get that border done soon, and then I'll be able to use another color besides brown!

I have been going for walks with the boys a lot recently - trying to lose some of this baby weight! I bought a Sit 'N Stand stroller. It's a double stroller where the baby sits in the front (I can also snap on the carseat) and the older child can either sit or stand in the back. Jake loves it becuase he can't sit still, and this enables him to stand and look at everything, but still keep him contained, which is what I like. I'm thinking of taking them for a walk to The Pier today or tomorrow. I think they would really like that. Anyway, I didn't mean for this post to be so long! I guess I had a lot to say! Write later!!


  1. Hi Nicole,

    Nice work on Pear Tree Inn. The walks sound like fun and it's a great activity for everyone. Have a good weekend.

  2. Pear Tree is looking wonderful. I love the new stash items. My personal fav is the Lizzie Kate. I just love her designs, I am a huge fan!!! Just wish there was somewhere near me to shop for her items!

  3. Great start to your Pear Tree. It is such a pretty piece. Looks like you got some wonderful stash too!

  4. Pear Tree Inn is coming along nicely and I love all the stash :)