Saturday, October 28, 2006

More Little Witch

I got a little more done on Little Witch - although I haven't worked on her in a couple of days. I went down to Port Charlotte to check out another new shop - Golden Needle. I could tell right away that I was going to like it. They had a lot of models on the walls (including Little Witch). :) The owner was so nice. She couldn't believe that I had drove down from just to see her shop. It's really not further than when I would drive up to Chattanooga when Ewe-Nique Stitches was there. Anyway, my mom told me to get something for my birthday next week and she would pay me back. Unfortunately I had the kids with me, so it was easy to look around. I'm definitely going back without the kids soon, so I can stay awhile. Here's what I got... Thanks, mom! :)

Birthday Stash!
O Beautiful by Shepherd's Bush, Trix or Treat by Blackbird Designs, and two new magazines.

They also have stitch-in's every third Thursday, so I may try to get to one of those. Too bad I don't live a little closer, but that's probably a good thing! :) It's also nice that they have a mall right down the street and tons of other shopping like Michaels, Target, etc.

We took the boys to a Halloween thing they were having here on Treasure Island last night. Jake was a Pirate and Bradley was Dash from The Incredibles. We didn't stay long because it seemed like it was going to rain, but the boys had fun!

Bradley and Jake (Pirate and Incredible)
My Little Monsters!

Well, not much else... I've been fixing my program. I actually like it better now because I made the pictures a little bigger. I still have to add a couple more binders of charts. Whenever I go through my stash like that it makes me remember everything I have!! :) Write later!


  1. Little Witch looks very cute!

  2. A couple of scarey "monsters" you have there :)

    I just love that little witch! Especially the curly tip on her shoe! LOL

  3. Little witch is just adorable!

    You boys are cute too! Does Matthew have a costume as well.

  4. Little witch is just adorable!

    You boys are cute too! Does Matthew have a costume as well.

  5. Aw! Cute costumes!
    Happy Halloween!