Saturday, October 07, 2006

Matthew's New Crib

Matthew's New Crib
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Here's a picture of Matthew's new crib. He sleeps in it every so often. It's in the boy's room, so he doesn't always get the peace and quiet he needs, which is why I still have the bassinet. I found out my SIL is having a girl! We're so excited! We're going with her tomorrow to help her register for her shower. It's going to be a pink explosion! I hope my SIL likes pink! :) I started crocheting a blanket that's mostly white with a pink border. Hopefully it turns out ok! I don't have any stitching pics to share. I've only done a little bit of the border on Pear Tree Inn. Well, the baby and laundry are calling! Write more later.

Matthew 11 Weeks Old - Smiling!