Saturday, October 14, 2006

I had an idea!

Actually Alison gave me the idea of making a stocking into an ornament. I figured if it was done over one it would be perfect (not too big). I've never seen one done that small, it would definitely be an experiment!

Jillian Stocking start

I decided to start because I have nothing else I'm stitching on at the moment! LOL! I just had to see how it would look, I think it's going to look pretty! :)


  1. Hi Nicole

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

    I've read back from July when you had Matthew and looked at all your photo's. He's so gorgeous! Your other two are handsome little chaps too.

    It's good to read Matthews progress and think 'that's what Riley is doing now' as you're just a month ahead of us ... Riley was born Aug 20th. It's also been interesting to that he sleeps on his side. Riley actually sleeps on his tummy because we couldn't get him to sleep any other way, but over here in the UK any other position apart from on their backs is frowned upon. Is it the same there?

    That quilt (was it your grandmother that made is?) is so pretty.

    Looking forward to visiting your blog again soon.

  2. PS I hope I haven't offended you with the sleeping question. I was just wondering because I've been made out to be a 'bad mum' because I haven't followed the 'guidelines' set out by the health officials here.

  3. What a pretty little pink flower--I couldn't have stopped once I saw that! Here's to many uninterrupted hours of sleeping while your dear baby sleeps!

  4. Of course, what I meant was many uninterrupted hours of stitching, but I imagine you can use the sleep, too! LOL.

  5. So cute! What a fantastic idea :)

  6. I love the over 1 idea. I've wanted to do Elizabeth's stocking for the longest time, but didn't really want just one fancy stocking - I'll never do enough for the whole family unless that's all I stitch for the next year or two!

  7. Fantastic idea - will be watching your progress with interest - love the little flower.