Sunday, October 15, 2006

Harvest Fob Kit

Back of Harvest Fob
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I went to the In-Law's today and on my way out the door I grabbed this kit by Shepherd's Bush. I wanted something quick I could do in the car. I got the back finished up tonight. It seems like it will be a pretty quick stitch.

We took the kids to a carnival after dropping off Matthew to spend time with his Grandma. They had so much fun! Bradley said that "This day sure was something else." My arms are sore from spinning them around in the "Tip Top" and "Berry go Round." :) So I'm pretty much wore out... don't know if I'll get anymore stitching done tonight. Write later!


  1. love your work! I just started getting into cross-stitching lately and I was wondering where you like to shop for cheap patterns. I'd really like to do the Lizzie Kate flip-it montly deal, but it seems really expensive to pay $4.00 each. What are some other good brands to look for too? You can e-mail me at THanks!

  2. Great SB fob. Isn't Autumn a nice season?

  3. What a wonderful little fob! Great job.