Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I've been just relaxing all morning in my hotel room in Georgia. I stitched a little bit, read my blogs, I got to sleep in until 8:30 am! On the drive down yesterday I lounged on the back seat of the minivan and stitched and watched Grey's Anatomy on my iPod and then when I felt tired I stretched out and fell asleep. I was so glad I brought my feather pillows - it was so comfy. Last night we went out to eat at Carrabbas. The food was so good - I had chicken with Rigatoni, mushrooms, sundried tomoatoes - Yum. I was so full, but didn't want it to end! LOL! So I guess you can tell I'm having a good time so far! :) I miss the kids, but a part of me wants to stay a little longer! Dh is working (he has to testify in a trial for an arrest he made here), so I think I'm going to walk across the street to the mall and get lunch later. I'm free - I can do whatever I want! :) Here are a couple pics I've taken...

Nature's Beauty as of 3/26/07
Nature's Beauty as of 3/26/07 (sorry for the wrinkles)

Whitmans Sampler Tin
I found this Whitman's Tin at Publix - they had yellow, pink, and green!

Georgia Trees
The trees I've missed so much!


  1. Love Nature's Beauty, I have it in my stash too. Glad you are having a nice little break :-).

  2. Enjoy that precious freedom... :o)
    Nature's Beauty is looking fantastic already!! Just waiting for the fabric so I can start mine!!

  3. It sounds like you are enjoying a well deserved rest! But I'm sure you can't wait to get back to your boys too :-D

  4. Thank you everyone! I know I have typos in my post, but for some reason blogger is acting crazy and won't let me edit! I'll try again later! :)

  5. I always have typos in my post and comments...my fingers get carried away and I hit enter or post before proof reading :) And it's worse with the new laptop!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your progress and I can't wait to start mine :)

  6. Sounds like you are having a good time! Nature's Beauty looks fantastic!

  7. Nature's Beauty is looking gorgeous, enjoy your break

  8. Natures Beauty is looking good. It sounds like you are having a well deserved relaxing trip. Enjoy the rest of your time.