Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Loose Feather

I got the new Loose Feather in the mail today. I just love this one - I ordered the fabric and threads to go along with it.


I'm not sure, but this may just being my next project! :)

I dropped off Bradley and Matthew at my MIL's house today. It feels so strange, but it was good for Jake. I took him to Blockbuster and rented him a game and movie. We watched the movie together and he was a perfect angel. I think he was just overly tired yesterday. Anyway, we are leaving for Georgia tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to getting away, but I also know I'll be looking forward to getting back to the kids.


I took this picture of Matthew today - he's just getting way too big! I know he's in good hands, but I still miss him so much! :) Well, I'm stitching on Nature's Beauty again tonight - so I'm going to go! Write later!


  1. Have a good trip. I love seeing pictures of Matthew - he's soooo cute!!

  2. Have a fun trip and get lots of rest and relaxation :-). I love the BBD piece too. I am dying to start.

  3. My Zack has the same baseball homerun romper! Have a great trip :)

  4. I love this new Loose Feathers design. Your baby is so cute. Ann.

  5. I started my Their Song - the colors are great. You won't be able to resist very long... :-)