Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back to Reality...

It was so good to see the boys last night. Only Matthew is getting a tooth on top and he screamed until about 1 am. He's also doing everything at once now. pulling up, sitting up, wanting to crawl. So anyway, I'm worn out and have been looking back at my day spent in my hotel room as bliss. :) I got a lot of stitching done there and on the way home yesterday...

Nature's Beauty as of 3/28/07

I don't have too much more to stitch on Nature's Beauty. If the boys allow - I should be able to get it finished pretty soon. :) Well, Matthew is fussing again, so I'll write more later! :)

edited to add...

Matthew standing - 3/29/07

Matthew standing in his pack and play. He gets up and then gets stuck... he can't get down!! :)


  1. Nature's Beauty is coming along fast, and looks great. Matthew is such a cutie and growing fast too!

  2. nature's beauty is looking lovely and Matthew's a really cutie

  3. WOW, you are breezing through Nature's Beauty! It's looking great :) What a cutie Matthew is :)

  4. Welcome home, Nicole. Great progress on Nature's Beauty! Sweet pictures of your boys.