Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Violets - Again!

I'm addicted to this one! I can't put it down - it's so much fun!

Spring Violets as of 3/8/07

There goes my rotation flying out the window! :) Mary Kathryn started the prettiest sampler the other day... "At Home with Jane Austen," by The Sampler Girl from the latest Gift of Stitching online magazine. I love the colors and the saying is so me! I'd rather be at home than any place else! So sad, but true! :) So I ordered a few Crescent Colours I was missing from her online shop - Handcrafts Online. I did have most of the threads it called for and I also had some 28 ct. Creme Brulee linen in my stash that I'll doubt I'll use for the intended pattern (maude eloise).

Crescent Colours threads for "At Home with Jane Austin."

Aren't the colors pretty? I was thinking of stitching the house in Bamboo (white/cream thread) instead of the peachy color. Anyway, I definitely won't start until Spring Violets is done. I should probably finish a few things before I start something new! :) But knowing me and my flightiness - it's unlikely to happen! :)

I also ordered a few other things... "Maggie's Needlecase" by Blackbird Designs and the threads for it along with the newest LHN chart "Nature's Beauty." I think this one is so pretty - I think it's probably my favorite LHN yet! I'll have a hard time not starting that one too! :)

Anyway, like I said there goes my rotation! :) Hopefully it doesn't go too far because I would really like to get some UFO's finished up! Well, not much else going on here! Write later!

P.S. I'm headed down to Bonita Springs this weekend for a visit with my Dad and Step-mother, so probably no update until Monday. See you then!


  1. Spring Violets looks SO pretty! Such lovely colours. Great work.

    And such lovely colours for that Jane Austen Sampler too. I do like Crescent Colors threads - I'm glad more and more designers are using them :)

  2. Nicole, I'll confess that I placed my order for needed fibers from MK as soon as I saw how pretty they were on her blog, too. I have that quote by Austen on a plaque in my home; just love it!

    Your Spring Violets is really beautiful, and you've made fantastic progress. I really like the font Nicki used on it. I've been trying to resist this one as well as several of Diane's new designs. Too many enablers around here! :)

  3. p.s. The magazine misspelled Jane Austen's name! It's "Austen" not "Austin" ;)

  4. Spring Violets is looking just lovely :)

  5. Rotations are only guidelines ;-). Spring Violets really is gorgeous and I love the Jane Austen piece. I am the same, no where I'd rather be than home. Hope you have a fun visit with your dad and stepmom this weekend.

  6. Thank you for the correction Ruth! And I know exactly what you mean about all the enablers... I know I would spend a lot less money if I didn't read blogs! :)

  7. Nicole,
    I think it's great that you enjoy being at home. I think most stitchers feel the same way.

    Your current project is so pretty. I just love all of those new Crescent Colors. I find LHN patterns among the most relaxing and enjoyable to stitch and they are gorgeous too.

  8. I must admit, the Jane Austen piece in GoS caught my eye too!

    Spring Violets is so pretty!

  9. Love your progress on Spring Violets, it's so pretty and the colors are vibrant. TFS.

  10. You'll have Spring Violets done in no time. You're making great progress.

  11. Glad you like the new Jane Austen sampler ~ the verse spoke to me :) I enjoy reading your Blog ~ you do beautiful stitching and your kiddos are dolls.