Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm back!

We had a nice visit. We didn't do much... just hung out and the kids went swimming, which they loved! It was nice for me when my dad and step-mom took the boys I stayed back with Matthew and stitched! I got quite a bit done on Winter Wind...

Winter Wind Close Up

I also got some stitching done on Spring Violets, but I didn't take a pic yet. I'll take one later tonight or tomorrow. Here's a picture I took of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on our way back (sorry it looks so far away). The weather has been gorgeous lately - there were so many boats out that you can't see in the picture and so many people out fishing. I know my dh wishes he were one of them! :)

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Well, Matthew is fussing so I'd better go! Write later!


  1. Lovely work on Winter Wind! Its sounds like you had a wonderful visit and I'm sure the boys loved spending time with their grandfather.

  2. Spring Violets and Winter Wind are both looking fantastic. I just love the Jane Austen Sampler...glad you're going to start it...I'll be excited to see your progress. If I didn't have so many WIPs, I'd be starting it too!

  3. Winter Winds is looking lovely, great progress

  4. Great progress on Winter Wind.

    I've travelled on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge a couple of times too.

  5. I love this design. It is so pretty. I like their designs a lot more now than I ever did. Great stitching. Ann.