Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Stash For Sale!

I've put some more stash that needs a good home up for sale. Click here for a link to the album.

I still have some fobs available too! Click here for that album. : )

Look at Shepherd's Bush's version of "Be Mine Valentine." Scroll down to the bottom. It's so cute!!

I printed the thread list for Carriage House Samplings "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow." I actually had some of them. I think they would look really pretty on the 40 ct. Mockingbird linen by R&R that I already have.

Carriage House Samplings "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow"

I really like this design, but not sure if I would ever get around to actually stitching it! :) Write later!


  1. I'm tempted by those fobs! I love Shores and I'm going for it. So far I've resisted the other 2. My LNS is ordering the linen but I'm doing thread tosses on it and others before I decide!

  2. That new chart is awesome. I am so partial to any kind of “sea chart” cross stitch, I will more than likely stitch that someday for sure :) Have you stitched the HOHRH or anything? Those look daunting, but this doesn’t for some reason…

    The SB version is super cute too, that’s it I’m getting that chart.

  3. Pretty. I'm thinking we all need a SAL on Shores! I'm totally in LOVE

  4. I sent you an email about several of your stash items up for sale. :D

    I have actually pre-ordered the Shores chart, linen and DMC ... I'm insane! A SAL sounds fun! :D

  5. I love the design. I'm wondering if anyone is planning a SAL? I don't have the chart, but it is *so* calling my name!

  6. You are soooo bad.... I have to have the Be Mine chart now. I'm thinking about Shores, I love the Shore chart! The blogging world has introduced me to too many temptations!! I think I really need emerald fob to go with all my mermaid shimmer! I beleive there is a stitch a long in our future!
    Hope all is well with you!
    Remember Super Bowl Sale this weekend! I'm working Saturday! Come see!

  7. I most definitely have to have Shores of Hawk Run Hollow too!!! I think it would be fun to have a SAL on it as well. It is just so pretty. I have never had any of the Needlepoint Silks but they look just beautiful on your fabric Nicole!! I would love to get those too! Glad you got home ok and that you had a wonderful time!! Debby :)

  8. I see Summer House is pending - if the sale or trade falls through please, please may I have it! :)

  9. Missed a few days, but you have been busy I see. Wonderful finishes and lots of lovely stash.

  10. Ohhhhh've already pulled threads and fabric...YOU ARE SUNK! LOL!

  11. Ooooh, those threads looks gorgeous on that fabric. Now that you've gone this far, how can you NOT stitch it ;)

  12. Beautiful floss toss for Shores. I just love that piece!