Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Day!

I met Deb and her daughter Jessica yesterday at Golden Needle in Port Charlotte. We had so much fun looking at all the goodies. We stayed until they closed at noon and then we went to eat at Chili's. It was so nice just to get away from it all! I got a Lizzie Kate chart and a new pair of Dovo scissors.

Valentine Fob

I put my Valentine's fob that I made the other day on them. :) When I got back I thought I'd go to the LNS near me because Golden Needle was out of size 26 needles and they didn't carry the threaders I use. Well, of course I couldn't just go in for what I was needing. I got the new Just Nan chart "Memories" and the freebie with the bead pack. I think this new chart is so pretty!

New Stash

We're at my in-laws right now. I'm hoping maybe, possibly that dh and I can get away on our own for a little bit. We'll see! :) Write later!


  1. So much fun to shop at Golden Needle!! glad ou had a wonderful day. I love that Just Nan chart...shoot... another start in the making!
    Ohhhh save Mother's day weekend (Friday from 4pm till Sunday at noon!) for a special stitching outing! More details to come tomorrow!
    Enjoy your time with DH {;^) !

  2. Ooh, it sounds like you had a fun day! Wish I could have joined you. I love your Valentine fob - so pretty! Great new charts too!

  3. Great stash and it sounds like you had a fun day.

  4. Hey Nicole!

    Your pics look so nice. I had a really great time. We need to do that again!
    Thank you for the baby bug offer. I just might take you up on that! :) * Although the chart only is way too generous an offer, you need a hefty commision!Thank you for your email too. Talk to you later!


  5. I love those kind of days. It so nice to get away just for a bit. Hope you and your DH get some alone time today :-). I bet he's counting the days until you move to Charleston.

  6. I am so glad that you got to go out and have a fun day! Wish I could have gone with you!! You got some really great new stash!! I am excited that you like my Stitched With Love enough to buy it!! That is so awesome! I just ordered Ink Circle Hanky Pysanky after looking at yours! I am going to try the rainbow colors on mine. I love how yours looks and you inspired me. Debby :)

  7. That sounds like a wonderful day! Deb sounds so sweet and must be fun to hang out with.

    How does Dovo scissors compare to Ginghers? I love all my Ginghers but I'm thinking about branching out.

  8. Yes, that JN chart is beautiful! I always enjoy her many pretty colors! Have fun with your new stash!

  9. That freebie is so cute!

    I love the scissors and the fob, too.

    I love Chili's - DS is totally in love with chocolate molten cake; it's the only time I eat dessert when I eat out :)

  10. Nice stash! Have fun with your DH.

  11. sounds like great day with great stash...