Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Quote on My Starbucks Cup

I never really look at the quotes on the cup, but decided to read it today...

The Way I See It #291

In a world where celebrity equals
talent, and where make-believe is
called reality, it is most important
to have real love, truth and stability
in your life

--Bernie Brillstein

I like that, a lot. :)


  1. Nice quote.

    Funny, you don't look at your quotes as a rule. I love reading the quotes on my cup and get annoyed when I get the same one over and over.

    I've quoted one on my blog too. Now, I want to go back and find it.

  2. Oh I love those - this one is a good one!


  3. The quote really hits home. And those quotes on the Starbucks cups reminds me of the quotes on the teabags. Nicole, please email me when you have time. Thanks

  4. I feel like I need to say "Amen" after it :)
    It's a great quote!