Monday, July 02, 2007


I love to find a deal or something special on eBay. I usually get outbid on charts I want because everyone else wants them too. But this chart happened to slip by everyone, but me! :)

The Goode Huswife "A Pennsylvania Christmas Sampler."

I fell in love with this design after seeing Niky's stitched.

The other deal I found was the last Just Cross Stitch magazine I was needing to complete the "Share Thy Bounty" set by Merry Cox. I got that magazine very cheap, and I was very happy! :)

I also just won this auction for Merry Cox's "Martha's Vineyard Pin Keep/Needlebook." I thought it was a pretty good deal - I can't wait to see what it looks like in person.

My last good deal of the week was from Elegant Stitch Too. All charts are 50% off and got this one...

A Most Noble Pursuit

I never wanted to pay $40 for it because I knew I wouldn't stitch all the charts together, but rather stitch a few of them individually.

Well, that's all the deals I have to share for now! :) I haven't done any stitching today, and now that it's 10:15 pm. I don't think I'm going to. :( Definitely tomorrow though! Write later!


  1. Congrats on your ebay deals! I also am a big ebay buyer, and always try to find a deal at ebay. Right now I am hoping to win Sophie's Roses by Shepherd's Bush (Don't bid on it now o.k.). I usually like to have only 2 or so new charts at a time and only those that I plan to stitch soon. Well, my blogging friends out there who love stash have been a bad influence on me and I think I must have spent close to $300 in the last month on charts, hardback books, fabric, and other supplies, including some completed items I found on ebay. I also plan to check out this 50% off that you speak of, take care.

  2. I recently picked up a most noble pursuit at the same sale! I couldn't justify to myself the full price but 50% off, well, it just had to be mine!!
    Yummy ebay wins too! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! Some great deals - those Merry Cox magazines and charts usually go for a small fortune :)

  4. Some great deals! Enjoy your new stash!

  5. Congratulations - that is some nice stash!

  6. Cool charts! I love getting new stash :D Great job on the June Flip-it’s, they are SO cute, I like the bright colors in them. Also June was a great month for you, you got tons done Woohoo!

  7. Great finds on ebay! I have never bought anything on ebay. I just might need to start looking!

  8. your work is always done so well love the Flipit's. under what catagory do you find charts on ebay? GB