Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I went fob crazy today. I made so many that I put some on my trade blog. It was very hard to part with any of them! My favorite one I made today is a 4th of July fob. I was going to stitch a fob and then realized I most likely wouldn't get it done in time, so I decided to bead one!

My other favorite is this pink and white one. I took apart an old fob I got from Elegant Stitch years ago and combined it with some new beads I got recently. I love the colors.

And here's a picture of all of them. Aren't they just lovely? It's too bad you can't see how much the crystals sparkle. I love the Swavorskis, which is why I decided to make some fobs just using the crystals and silver beads.

Well, no stitching yet today. I need to clean and then I will be all set to stitch! Write later! :)


  1. Your fobs are very, very pretty :)
    And that is a great idea to put the threader on the end :)
    Great work!

  2. Your beaded fobs are so special and pretty. I love the idea of the threader at the end as well.
    Keep them coming, I love your ideas.

  3. These are wonderful!! Especially the 4th of July fob! Have a great one!!

  4. Love the beaded fobs. I never thought I would like them, but was given one for Christmas and I love it.

  5. You are fobbing up a storm! They are all so pretty. How will you decide which one to use?