Friday, July 13, 2007

More Blob!

I worked on Queen Anne's Lace again last night. Even though I just have a small portion of the dress stitched it makes me remember why I love Lavender and Lace designs so much. It's the shading. It's like stitching a piece of art. I love the colors in this section, which are the DMC 924 range. Probably one of my favorite color ranges in the DMC line. Anyway, enough rambling here's a little wip pic.

I made a few more fobs, which I'll be adding to my trade blog lately. I love making them, but have no use for so many. Although I do like to match them up to whatever I'm stitching. That's a little OCD, huh? :)

My hubby comes home tonight, so I've been cleaning trying to get our rooms somewhat presentable. I do have to be thankful I only have to worry about 2 rooms and a bathroom right now. My mom cleans the rest of the house. I will definitely miss that when we move out. Speaking of which our listing is up on our house. We have to find a new realtor. It's been on the market now for 8 months and no bites. Hopefully it doesn't take too much longer! Well, not much else! Write later!


  1. Queen Anne's Lace is looking lovely. Blue is my favorite color, so I'm just loving what you have done. Great stitching!!

  2. Yes the colours are lovely. I enjoyed stitching the L & L I've done (just the one so far but 3 more in my stash)

  3. You are making good progress! Have a nice weekend with your DH :-). Hope you get a good agent and get your house sold soon.

  4. It is looking lovely! And I totally agree about L & L designs they ARE like a piece of art!
    Hope you have a load of fun with your DH this weekend!

  5. I agree, the DMC 924 range is the most gorgeous of all. And so is Queen Anne's Lace. Well done.
    Speaking of OCD _ I get the urge to stitch matching bookmarks to the books I'm reading. That's not altogether sane. And highly impractical and time-consuming.
    Good luck with the house!

  6. Great progress! You're right - that shading is amazing!

  7. Nicole,
    First of all, Mattthew is a cutie pie. He looks like a snuggle bunny. I love planning kid parties - have fun with Elmo :)

    That Brightneedle kit is gorgeous. Enjoy it!